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Device will not connect to network

Directions listed below

There are multiple ways to troubleshoot network. Here are some of the most common steps to restore connection:

Try toggling the wifi off then on and ensure you are connected to "Appetize" SSID. Ensure the device does not have Airplane mode or Cellular Data enabled. Swipe down from the top of the screen to pull down the settings bar, then press and hold the wifi icon. "Appetize" should say Connected. If the app does not begin installing after a few minutes after toggling wifi, attempt to use an alternate network - "LNVisitor", "Legends", or a MiFi if available. You can also attempt to restart the device by holding the power button and selecting "Power Off" instead of "Restart."

If the above steps do not prompt the device to connect, we can try forgetting saved networks.

1. Pull down the settings bar from the top of the screen

2. Press and hold the wifi icon. Wifi menu should open.

3. Hit the Gear icon in the upper right

4. Press "Saved Networks"

5. Select each saved network (including Appetize) and Forget

6. Reconnect to Appetize - let me know if you require the password

If above troubleshooting fails, contact VAST or submit RMA through PAX

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